How will the Kansas City Chiefs do in 2016?

The Kansas City chiefs, a team finally enjoying the fruits of its hard labor. Although it took them quite a while, the City Chiefs are finally on their feet and at the heights they expected to be. Come January we expect to see them a top the AFC West division. Although the Broncos led by Peyton Manning transfer have dominated the division The Kansas chiefs are the hottest pro-football franchise currently and have a winning streak in more than four of their previous games.

Like many other team’s week 1 and week 2 where not as fair to the chiefs with struggles, a fourth quarter collapse and a late fumble by Jamaal Charles allowing the Denver Broncos the lead. They lost four other games most notably the Chicago bears duel held at their home ground in which they blew a 14-point halftime lead.

Tables turned for them after with a winning streak of five games exhibiting no offense losses and defense dominance. Their quarterback has also been on point exhibiting careful aggressive and very tough defense strategies for the Kansas chiefs.

Currently Andy Reid and the Kansas City chiefs are holding a wild card place and much more.

Here is why?

1.The Chief's faith and believe
The Kansas chiefs hold on to the vision of what they want to become even at their lowest losses. They also show believe in their coach Andy Reid who guided them to a table turn over and a winning streak after not a so good start.
2.Their rigid defense.
The chiefs defense is considered one of the elite in the national football league. They have many well coached good defensive players featuring a talented roster with Marcus Peters and Eric Berry. They are simply good and are on top of their game making it difficult to run or throw against. Although the first weeks the defense conceded losses they have exhibited a big turn up in performance and the increase in turnovers has been key for the Chiefs as a whole. With a conservative offense which prioritizes protecting the football, the many takeaways the defense causes have a huge impact on the success this team has enjoyed. The Chiefs’ defense is now one of the best units in the league, and Kansas City could well ride its dominating play in recent weeks to the AFC West title.
3.The chiefs schedule

Come January the AFC West have an irresistible opening to add to their five game winning streak and deflate the Denver Broncos. The easy schedule that they face will allow them to stockpile wins, putting the squeeze on Denver’s results. Such intense scrutiny can lead to a losing streak, and the Chiefs will be waiting to take advantage. The AFC West is far from over, and Kansas City is most definitely in the race.

The simply have to run the table but to their astonishing luck all teams they are scheduled against don't have a winning record. Four of their remaining games will be played at Arrowhead Stadium. They have a game against Cleveland Browns, two against Oakland Raiders, one against Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers. Buffalo Bills are the only opponents and actually the next that the chiefs are facing to reach .500 but not above.

4.The Denver Broncos schedule.

The Broncos have a three game advantage over the Kansas chiefs. On the brighter side the broncos schedule is nothing easy and the games simple offer hope to the chiefs.

They will face a tough and confidence building San Diego chargers and host resurgent Oakland Raiders exhibiting a lot of offensive heat. Given this it is reasonable to project the Denver Bronco's will lose a game here.

The other two games for Denver are away to Pittsburgh and at home to the Bengals. Both are very difficult games, and Denver will need to win at least one to hold on to their AFC West dominance. The Chiefs need the Broncos to lose a few games. The schedule is not easy and does provide trouble for the current leaders of the AFC West.

5.Their Head coach "Big Red" and General manager "John Dorsey"

Andy Red is a seasoned coach. He has instilled an urge to win in his players and also knows how to win division titles. It is Reid who has led this team’s dramatic recovery, and is now looking up at the Broncos. His play calling has improved significantly in recent weeks, and it is clear to see that his players wholeheartedly believe in his coaching.

However, not only is Andy Reid a reason to see the Chiefs atop of Denver come Week 17. General manager John Dorsey has produced an outstanding roster and his drafting is not complete. However, the number of acquisitions from opposing practice squads that have paid off is unbelievable. And this year, the depth that Dorsey has developed has come to fore, with the running back being a prime example. The Chiefs have an excellent coach and a top quality administration, from top to bottom, and it is this that will lead them to the AFC West title.

6.Their attack model
Nobody will confuse Kansas City’s passing attack with the league’s best. But the Chiefs are much improved over last season. They’re averaging 7.45 yards per passing attempt, which is 11th in the NFL and above the league average of 7.3. They have 31 pass plays of 20 yards or more, which is only 21st in the league. But they were last in this category last year. Quarterback Alex Smith still throws mostly short passes, but the Chiefs help to make up for that by being sixth in the NFL in yards after the catch.
7. few yard touch downs for opponents
It’s been difficult enough to have to go a few yards for a touchdown against the Chiefs’ defense. But opponents have consistently had to negotiate the long field against the Chiefs. In the last three games, opponents have had 36 possessions. One started outside the 29, and that one was at the 38. Twenty-eight started at the 20 or inside the 20. The Chiefs are too good defensively to allow many long touchdown drives. Cairo Santos' kickoffs and Dustin Colquitt's punts have been excellent and the Chiefs haven’t committed a turnover in more than a month.

it would be surprising if the Chiefs lost another game between now and the end of the season, and when a team gets on a running streak, oftentimes results elsewhere fall in to place. Kansas City is relying on a favor from other sides. However, the easy schedule that they face will allow them to stockpile wins, putting the squeeze on Denver’s results. Such intense scrutiny can lead to a losing streak, and the Chiefs will be waiting to take advantage. The AFC West is far from over, and Kansas City is most definitely in the race.