Kansas City Chiefs jerseys

The Kansas City chiefs parade red, gold and white as their official colors. This are not just colors they are honor to their fans and honor from the fans to the team.

The Kansas City chiefs began their football as the Dallas Texans. They were the franchise of Lamar hunt who actually started the American football league. When they started speaking team colors. Hunt chose Columbia blue and orange for the Texans' uniforms, but Bud Adams chose Columbia blue and scarlet for his Houston Oilers franchise. Hunt reverted to red and gold for the Texans' uniforms, which even after the team relocated to Kansas City, remain as the franchise's colors to this day.

In 1963 rather than compete in Dallas with the cowboy’s hunt moved the team up north. Lamar moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City and he took the colors with him and it’s the Kansas City chiefs we know today. In 1963 Lamar hunt sat in his kitchen table and sketched out the arrow head with the interlocking KC which became one of the most enduring emblems in American Sport. and he just did it all on his own. The red and the yellow shadows works so well on the chiefs. It is a combination that has a look of a college team that is fresher, younger, brighter and more vibrant. They simply look good together.

In 2007 the team honored the passing of hunt with a patch on their jersey that signifies his role as a founder of AFL. It was supposed to be worn only for one season but the teams respect for hunt has seen it turn to a permanent fixture.

In a stand of 78000 people there is a college like atmosphere in its enthusiasm in its comprehensive use of color. If you go to that stadium you are surrounded by red and it is total involvement of the team to the fans in the stand and the fans to the team.

The Kansas City Chiefs red and gold; they are not just colors they are honor.