What do you think of the Kansas City Chiefs?

In franchise history there comes a defining time for every NFL team when potential no longer means much. It's the point when the window of opportunity opens as wide as it ever will stretch and confidence soars.

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves at this very point in their own history and If the Chiefs really are going to ascend to the level of championship contender, then this is the game when they better send a resounding message to all the teams in their division.

Their coach Andy Reid is a seasoned man with experience and the will to make the team once again believe in what they have always dreamed off. Reid created positives in his previous two seasons taking the team from 2-14 to 11-5 in 2013, and just missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record last year - there haven't been many signature wins during his tenure. They incredibly blew a 28-point lead in a wild-card playoff loss to Indianapolis in Reid's first year. This year, Big Red has made the locker room breaks worth the while as we see a winning streak from the chiefs. so I think as they hold the wild card here they are going to soar to AFC division champions out sitting the notorious Denver Broncos who have been division champs for long. Alex Smith the chiefs quarterback said, "I don't think they necessarily get in our head" and added that this contest wasn't a must-win game -- but it's hard to view it as anything other than that.

The Kansas Chiefs must be salivating given the Broncos tight schedule as compared to there and also their vulnerability since manning's arrival. He's playing with a rebuilt offensive line. He's trying to acclimate himself to a new offense. He's also facing heavy scrutiny about his arm strength and his ability to fit into the more run-heavy schemes of new head coach Gary Kubiak. And come January we expect progress that will make people stand up and take notice of what is happening in Kansas City.

I also think this season we are just destined to see big things given the franchises key drafts and moves we've witnessed. The return of safety Eric Berry who was diagnosed with cancer. Alan Smith was made the franchise QB in the 2013 season and Jeremy Maclin a wide receiver was signed. The Chiefs also gave pro outside linebacker Justin Houston an over 100 million dollars’ deal. And the investment is sure paying off with an impressive recent success; exhibiting improved defense and an excellent passing play.

So now all the team has all it takes. Boasting an incredible personnel from management to players, open to all sort of possibilities and flashing positive vibe. Come January the team has only to spread its claws and rip off the Denver cancer and continue their dynamic winning streak putting a stamp on their credibility and winning the division title.